The first users from the automotive, medical technology and white goods sectors are using the adSphere.Controller due to the many advantages of this three-dimensional electronics:

• simple & compact
• sensitive & robust
• hygienic & tight

Consumers will soon be able to feel this technology for themselves – in their vehicle, on their household appliance, on ticket machines or as an input device on devices for pharmaceutical and medical technology.

The printed and assembled electronics are formed in a new process with pixel precision – and then overmolded in order to achieve stability, robustness and longevity. In addition to the considerable savings on many individual parts compared to conventional solutions, this technology impresses with an enormous variety of variants and an extremely long service life.
With this technology, not only simple rotary knobs can be realized, but entire control panels with a multitude of display and input functions – all combined in an almost freely configurable, three-dimensional control element.


The adSphere.Controller is a display and input instrument that is intuitive to operate,
simple, robust, versatile,
low-cost and suitable for mass production thanks to innovative production technology.
New efficient designs are possible in the field of demoulding in particular.

More information on the adsphere.Controller is available in this presentation for download in pdf format.

Sketches of the adSphere.Controller: Wolfram Design Engineering

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