Ultra-thin glass films – thinner than a human hair and so flexible that they can be processed from a roll – have outstanding properties.

The main advantages include ideal insulation, enormous scratch resistance, excellent optical properties, high surface stability, hermetic tightness against moisture and oxygen and high chemical resistance.

A continuous process chain is one of the basic requirements for a cost-effective and large-volume production of glass-based sensor technologies for all types of IoE applications.

Technologically, a film made of special glass with a thickness of less than 100 µm is provided with sensory functional layers – and this structure is covered with another glass film and sealed tightly.

The processes were consistently developed for industrial high-volume production in roll-to-roll systems (R2R) in order to meet the growing need for robust yet cost-effective sensors and to open up the largest possible number of applications.

Close cooperation with research institutes and universities is crucial for such technological developments. In countless series of tests, successful technological methods for all individual tasks such as adhesion, application, sensor properties, etc. have been found – all under the condition of scalability for high-volume production.

The next steps on the way to entering the market include evaluations, the first of which have already been successfully completed: The sensor elements created were successfully tested in real applications up to a temperature of  >500°C.

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