Ultra-thin glass: customer substrates successfully processed!

Customised testing: piece by piece, sample by sample

The adSphere team is so skilled in handling ultra-thin glass from the roll that it can process samples of just 1–2 m and remove them from the roll for test purposes.

This means that up to ten individual samples with completely different process parameters can be taken from a 20-meter-long UTG substrate web.

The compact process module used here – FPM330X (manufactured by Adenso Industrial Services GmbH) – enables extremely short cycle times: 20-minute pumpdown and just 1 minute of ventilation, meaning that ten individual samples can be created in a single process day, including evaluation of the interim results to optimise the parameters for the subsequent process.

The type and structure of the processes are customer-specific – the necessary components are implemented in the process module.

Our customers are extremely impressed with this ground-breaking and extremely cost-effective handling process for this sensitive material because availability is still extremely limited.

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